Enosocial Logo and UI Concept

It was a wonderful experience to attend the birth, and to be part of the Team as Art Director for the realization of the Logotype and User Interface of Enosocial the application for Iphone and Android dedicated to the world of wine. The logotype with its essential trait, contains a clear reference to the olfactory, color and taste wheels that distinguish the innovative approach of the application that allows you to review each type of wine. The app, was conceived by Ceo Andrea Bianchi and created by Tommaso Codella and Filippo Leoni, serves to bring together wineries, wine tourists and wine lovers. Wineries can report events, fairs, wine catalog and where to buy products. Enotourists, on the other hand, have the opportunity to look for wine cellars, tastings, events, buy wines for sale as well as review wines tasted. If you are a wine lover, download it now on your smartphone.

Galleria: Images and Social Media Marketing

Here some images created for Galleria, the new project to which I had the honor of taking part as an external advisor during last year, that will take shape from September 2017 in Verona. Galleria is born of the need to combine with a new approach craftsmanship and creativity with a single goal: create a new purchasing experience to be offered to the customer. In addition to these images you can follow the Social Media Marketing communication project, which I created with my team of specialists, on Instagram and Facebook.

Tar Magazine Limited Edition Box

The Magazine of Art and Aesthetics TAR celebrates its first five issues, with a Limited Edition of 100 numbered copies Box called 5TAR. I designed the Packaging Design with various printing techniques such as printing on PVC, metallic foil, transplant colors and proposed the name of the issue.
In September 2011 a very Special Edition (1 copy) of the Box signed by artist Maurizio Cattelan was auctioned for charity AMFAR event in Milan 2011 for 25,000 Euros.

Hellas Verona Football Club

I'm not a huge fan of football, but when it comes to players of the Italian National Football Team or my city Football Team things changes.. I was really happy to team up with Adept Sweden as a photographer, for the construction of the launch campaign of the new uniforms of Hellas Verona Football Club designed by Nike. I had the opportunity to meet players tip of the Club as Juan Gomez and Luca Siligardi but also the honor of meeting and photographing a myth of Italian Football, the World Champion and top scorer in the Italian League 2014/15 Luca Toni.