Enosocial Logo and UI Concept

It was a wonderful experience to attend the birth, and to be part of the Team as Art Director for the realization of the Logotype and User Interface of Enosocial the application for Iphone and Android dedicated to the world of wine. The logotype with its essential trait, contains a clear reference to the olfactory, color and taste wheels that distinguish the innovative approach of the application that allows you to review each type of wine. The app, was conceived by Ceo Andrea Bianchi and created by Tommaso Codella and Filippo Leoni, serves to bring together wineries, wine tourists and wine lovers. Wineries can report events, fairs, wine catalog and where to buy products. Enotourists, on the other hand, have the opportunity to look for wine cellars, tastings, events, buy wines for sale as well as review wines tasted. If you are a wine lover, download it now on your smartphone.