I am very proud to be one of the founders of Larterìa, a group of photographers that take place in Verona since 2008. I had the great pleasure of meeting colleagues who have taught me a lot, in May 2009 we created a photographic exhibition "Young Days" displayed at the International Center of Photography "Scavi Scaligeri" a project dedicated to the younger generations, requested and commissioned by Deputy Mayor for Youth and by the Culture of Verona. An exhibition curated by Arianna Rinaldo which gave way to the whole group to test themselves on a major event.
A rare picture of the 13 components together with curator. From top left: Mauro Fiorese, Federico Padovani, Barbara Zonzin, Marco Bertin, Marco Ambrosi, Arianna Rinaldo. Bottom from left: Rodolfo Hernandez, Nicola Turrini, me, Sirio Magnabosco, Emilio Begali, Renato Begnoni, Giovanna Magri, Alessandro Gloder.